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Properties of amino acids: physical and chemical - Online ... Onlinebiologynotes.com Physical properties of amino acids. Amino acids are colorless, crystalline substance. Most amino acids are tasteless but some are sweet. (E.g. Glycine, Alanine) and some are bitter (Eg. Arginine) Amino acids have high melting point (200-300) o C due to ionic property. Frigidaire dryer beep codes
Physical Properties. • The melting point of most amino acids are near 300 ºC ö • More soluble in polar solvents (H. 2. O etc.) • At pH 7.0, both carboxyl and amino group are completely ionized. There are 20 Amino Acids encoded by codons in the genetic code.

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Likewise, carboxylic acids are converted into amides, but this conversion typically does not occur by direct reaction of the carboxylic acid and the amine. Instead esters are typical precursors to amides. The conversion of amino acids into peptides is a significant biochemical process that requires ATP.

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Physical properties depend on number of carbons and the number of double bonds #C increases; melting point increases #double bonds increase, melting point decreases Triacylglycerols Primary energy storage for animals: Get 2 times metabolic energy per gram of fat as compared to per gram of carbohydrate Form micelles in aqueous solution

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Docosapentaenoic 22:5 Docosahexaenoic 22:6-6 Fatty acids Enzymesω -3 Fatty acids Figure 3 Synthesis of o-3 and o-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). There are two families of essential fatty acids that are metabolized in the body as shown in this figure. Retroconversion, e.g. DHA!EPA also takes place. Fatty Acids: Structures and Properties 2

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This drink contained good amounts of amino acids such as glutamic acid, aspartic acid, leucine, lysine, valine and serine. Totally, the best formulated beverage was (14% egg white powder, 2% cocoa powder, 3.8% sugar and 0.05% stabilizer) with protein content of 14.6% and optimal viscosity and the best stability.

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The first amino acid to be isolated was asparagine in 1806. It was obtained from protein found in asparagus juice (hence the name). Glycine, the major amino acid found in gelatin, was named for its sweet taste (Greek glykys, meaning "sweet").In some cases an amino acid found in a protein is actually a derivative of one of the common 20 amino acids (one such derivative is hydroxyproline).

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Acid-Base Properties of Amino Acids • Amino acids can undergo an intramolecular acid-base reaction (proton transfer) • Transfer of the H from the -COOH group to the -NH2 group forms a dipolar ion, an ion that has one (+) charge and one (-) charge. • Amino acids in the solid state, as well as in water, carry both positive and negative charges, they are called zwitterions.

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Chemical Properties of Proteins. Hydrolysis Proteins are hydrolyzed by a variety of hydrolytic agents. A. By acidic agents: Proteins, upon hydrolysis with conc. HCl (6–12N) at 100–110°C for 6 to 20 hrs, yield amino acids in the form of their hydrochlorides. B. By alkaline agents: Proteins may also be hydrolyzed with 2N NaOH.

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Amino acids usually have a melting and boiling point that is very high. They usually exist in the form of white, crystalline, stable compounds. A few amino acids are known to be sweet, tasteless, and bitter in flavour. Most amino acids are water soluble. However, it can also be noted that most amino acids are insoluble in organic solvents. Some Common Amino Acids and Their Structures. The structures of some common amino acids, such as glycine, serine, leucine, cysteine, and valine have been ...

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Many amino acids display isomerism resulting in the appearance of L- and D- amino acids. Amino acids have been detected in numerous extreme environments as well as in extraterrestrial meteorites. But they are fragile and can be rapidly degraded when exposed to UV radiation and other oxidizing conditions. The differences in side chains between ...

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