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Mercury is the only inner solar system body other than Earth that currently possesses a global magnetic field generated by a dynamo in a fluid metallic outer core. In Mercury, as in Earth, the outer core is molten iron. Kubota v1505 exhaust manifold
Mercury’s peculiar magnetic field provides evidence that iron turns from a liquid to a solid at the core’s outer boundary, say the scientists, whose research currently appears online in the journal Geophysical Research Letters and will be published in an upcoming print edition.

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Mercury rotates slowly. One rotation takes nearly 59 Earth days to complete. However due to an orbital-rotational resonance ratio of 3:2, a fictitious observer on Mercury would see that a solar day from noon to noon would take about 176 Earth days to complete. (This is assuming an observer is not at one of the poles.

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Mercury - Mercury - The atmosphere: A planet as small and as hot as Mercury has no possibility of retaining a significant atmosphere, if it ever had one.

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2007). The magnetic field measurements collected by MESSENGER confirm the global dipolar field of Mercury as intrinsic magnetic field and found that its dipole moment is 195 ± 10 nTR M 3 (R M is Mercury’s radius, or 2,440 km). The dipole center has a northward offset from the planet’s center by about 0.2 R M,or

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Apparently the magnetic field of the Chapman-Ferraro current significantly contributes to the magnetic field in Mercury’s dynamo region. [10] Let us assume that the interplanetary magnetic field is negligible. In this case the Chapman-Ferraro current is determined by the magnetic field strength B MP at the magnetopause: I CF ¼ B MP m 0 p R ...

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Critical Magnetic Field The superconducting state cannot exist in the presence of a magnetic field greater than a critical value, even at absolute zero. This critical magnetic field is strongly correlated with the critical temperature for the superconductor, which is in turn correlated with the bandgap.

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Magnetic field of Mercury, the only other known internally generated magnetic field of any terrestrial planet other than Earths. Its strength is 1% that of Earth and weaker than that of Ganymede. Generated by a partially molten core in the region where the core and the mantle meet.

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Jun 26, 2018 · Metal dental fillings leak mercury if they are exposed to a new powerful type of medical scan, scientists have found. ... Newer powerful MRI scans use stronger magnetic fields to get even more ...

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Why is Mercury so dense? Geologic history of Mercury Why does Mercury have a magnetic field at all? What is Mercury's core composed of? What is at the poles? What is the composition of Mercury's exosphere?

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But Mercury’s magnetic field is weak, so the solar wind can do some damage. The solar wind is an example of space weather. On Earth, understanding the weather means measuring such things as rainfall, temperature and humidity.

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May 10, 2020 · Since Mercury is the only other terrestrial planet we know of with a magnetic field, studying Mercury can help us understand our own planet better. A spacecraft called BepiColombo, which is a joint mission from Europe and Japan, is on its way to Mercury right now and will arrive in 2025.

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